Beepays Income Program Review: How to Signup on Beepays

Corona virus did not only bring suffer and hunger on people but it also brought along a lot of income websites on the internet. According to statistics, the internet is experiencing a very high usage during the lockdown. The reason is not far fetched as everyone is at home coupled with the poor power distribution in the country, youths have no other choice than to go online. Thus, now everything concerning make money online seems to be very enticing. I know of a friend who belongs to over 10 of these income programs, after all he can work from the comfort of his living room.

You may have heard of them or even thought they were scam. check around, someone very close is already earning from such programs. If you spend quality time on Facebook daily, you would notice those provoking post your friends place on their timeline that does exceed 2 likes. Yeah, they were paid to do so.


So without wasting your time today, I want to talk about another income program. It is called beepays.

Let’s get started


What is beepays 

Beepays is a blog that has now rebranded into an income site, by allowing members register and earn by reading news on the website.

It is not quite different from other website like atpays and nnuforum.


What much can I earn on beepays.

According to my review, at beepays the earning is almost unlimited, let we show you


  1. As a BeePays affiliate earner you earn 67.5% on each referrals you introduce to participate on the beepays platform. This simple means for every new person you refer to the platform you get #1,000 instantly added to your earnings. If you can refer up to 30 people a month that automatically means you’ve earned yourself N30,000 in just one month just from referrals of which you can cash out anytime.
  2. Almost all income platforms are implementing what is called welcome bonus, this is small at beepays, but what else can we say, it is free money. For beepays you earn #250 immediately after you register.
  3. Whenever you login to your beepays account, you automatically earn #100.(please note that this is limited to once a day).
  4. Are you good at writing? If yes, beepays got it covered. You earn #100 for any well structured and informative article you share on the platform.
  5. You also have the opportunity of earning #150 daily by sharing sponsored posts on your Facebook timeline.
  6. You also earn #4 for every news that you read that is served on the platform.
  7. If you are like me that like to be paid for having fun, Games and quiz questions are posted on the websites or on the facebook group and winners gets to get cash prizes or recharge cards instantly.


Well that’s it. Although the pay is quite low compared to other income site, I feel it is quite considerate.


Your earnings ls on the beepays platform is being divided into two categories which are, 

  • Referral earnings
  • Activities earnings

As the name implies, referral earnings are those you make by referral people to get registered in the platform while activities earning refers to earning acquired from sharing sponsored post, reading news, logging in and definitely your welcome bonus.


At beepays, you are being paid all your referral earnings, but for your activities earning you will be paid just 40%.

What that simply means is that, if you request for withdrawal with an affiliate earning of #20000 and an activity earning of #6000, you will be paid #22400. #20000 from your Affiliate earning (which is all of it) and #2400 of your activities earning (which is 40% of it). You may want to ask, what happens to the remain 60% of your activity earners, well, it is being forfeited.


Well that one advantage of you coming here before you register. We give you all the necessary information you need, so that you do not dive into something you would regret at last.


Are you sure this is not scam? How do they get money to pay us.

This is not scam, in fact I got friends in this platform that has being paid.

Now how do they generate the money they pay you? Their revenue generation model is quite simple, with such a huge amount of traffic coming to their website every single day, they are able to generate a bulk of income from ads.

Oh yes, in the blogging industry, you could actually make money whenever anyone clicks on an advert. So let’s imagine the pay the click is $0.5, and out of 100k members 20k click on an advert, that would automatically translate to $10000 everyday, and $10000 in naira is about #4000000 daily.

Ok, let’s leave the ads aspect of generating revenue, they also generate revenue via the sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline, people actually pay to have their brands promoted using that method.


So you see it is very possible for them to meet up with their target.


How can I get started

To get started all you need to do is visited their official website and register with a one time payment of #1500. You may be required to purchase the registration coupon code from their vendors. It is quite a straight forward process.



If you are at home this lockdown period and you are not making money, it is because you are not properly informed. This is legit. Good luck.

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