Guaranty Trust Bank (GT bank) GTB USSD Codes

Garanti Trust Bank, known as GT Bank, is one of Nigeria’s top commercial banks today. 4, which makes my spending very efficient with them. they offer next-generation technologies. However, a major problem most people face with them is that branch opening rates are low. If you look at other banks like United Bank for Africa and FirstBank plc, you notice that they have branches everywhere, unlike GT Bank, which only places branches in strategic locations.

If that’s the biggest problem you face with the GT Bank, I have a solution for you, actually two solutions to that.

First, you can choose to download the mobile banking app, because most of what is done in the bank can also be done through the mobile banking app.
The second is to use the use of banking USSD codes. Oh, yeah, I’m gonna talk about that today. Wait and get started.


To use GT Bank USSD codes in banking transactions, you must have the following,

A GT bank account.
Mobile phone (do not need to be a smartphone)
GT is the Sim card you use when opening your bank account.

Let’s start.

Key in * 717 # to access the GT Bank USSD banking menu.

To buy yourself a regular call time: this literally means buying a regular call for the number you used when filling out the account form. * 737 key in#, then 1 key in.
To purchase a regular call for someone else: * key in 737#, then key in 2. You will be asked to enter the phone number, please be sure to double-check the phone number as the bank will not be held liable if you loan it. wrong phone number.
To transfer money to a GT Bank Account: * Key in 737 # and then key in 4. You will also be prompted to provide the destination account number. Please do very well to confirm before proceeding, before the transaction is completed, the name of that account number is shown.
To transfer money to a non-UBA bank account: * call 737 # and then call 5. You will also be asked for the destination account number and the destination bank. After you have filled out these details correctly, be sure to confirm them with the full name before pressing send. For transfers over # 50000 you may need to set a second pin for greater security of your money.
To check your account balance: * key in 737 # and key in 8. You will only be prompted for your PIN code, after which your account balance will appear on the screen. This special service used to be fee-free but now it gets a fee of # 10.
To buy mobile data for yourself: * key in 737 # and then key in 3, then you are asked if you want to buy the data for yourself or your friend, all you have to do is answer yes or no.

This process is very easy to perform, and all operations with the USSD code method are performed in micro-seconds, making it very efficient for the job. However, when it comes to bank transfer, there is a daily limit of ninety thousand naira. Therefore, if you need to use a pos system, make sure that your purchase does not exceed this limit.

The GT Bank also facilitates the careless withdrawal system with your fingerprint on all of its ATMs. Please note that fingerprinting can only be done on GT Bank ATM machines.

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