How The Name Nigeria Got Coined

How The Name Nigeria Got Coined
How The Name Nigeria Got Coined

How The Name Nigeria Got Coined.

Nigeria is a country situated in West African which boarders Cameroon in the East, Benin in the west, Chad in the north east and Niger in the north.

Nigeria name was derived from River Niger which flow across the country by Flora Shaw on the 19th century.

She was a British journalist but later got marry to Federick Lord Lugard, the British colonial administrator.

All You Need To Know About Flora Shaw

Her full name is Flora Louise Shaw, born on 19 December 1852 and died on 25 January 1852. She was a British writer and journalist.

She was given birth too in London at 2 Dundas Terrace, Woolwich, South London. In her family, she was the fourteen child.

How The Name Nigeria Got Coined
How The Name Nigeria Got Coined

He dad, Major General George Shaw was an English man and her mum, Marie Adrienne Josephine was from Mauritius.

She has four brothers and 9 sisters, the first and last died during infancy.

How The Name “Nigeria” Came To Be

On 8 January 1897, the name ‘Nigeria first appeared in Miss Shaw’s essay.

In that Essay, she suggested that much shorts name should be used in replacing “Royal Niger Company Territories.”

According to her, “Royal Niger Company Territories” was to long to be used in Real Estate Property.

She Is argues that, the name “Nigeria” was not going to bring conflict with any other neighbouring countries the British had colonized.

Was was also of the view that, the name would be a means of differentiating Niger protectorate on the coast Upper Niger and the colonies of Lagos.

Life, Marriage and Death

She got married to Lord lugard On 10 June 1902, a former Governor of Hong Kong (1907–1912) . And in 1914–1919, he became the Governor General of Nigeria.

Flora Shaw’s Children

Flora Shaw had no children before her death.

Her Death.

She died in Surrey, a country in South East England due to pneumonia at the age of 76 on the On 25 January 1929.


This was How The Name Nigeria Got Coined


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