Longrich Review: Read This Before Joining Longrich!

Do you see Longrich everywhere? But you still wonder what this is about. Maybe you think this is just another revenue program or a newly launched industry.

Well, what you think of longrich will be explained to you in this article. Sit back, have a cup of coffee and be careful.

What’s Longrich about?

To dispel all suspicions, Longrich is a platform created for the purpose of creating wealth among its members.

This is not a read news and paid platform, but another great way to make money. At Longrich, you make money to use products, and yet you make money from hiring people to join your bottom lines.

Longrich is a China-based Bioscience MLM company that manufactures and distributes products we use on a daily basis. Products that stand out for our basic needs. Meanwhile, over 3000 products, all of which fall into the following categories:;

● Health Care
● Cosmetic Care
● Home Care
● Technology
● facial
● Personal Care
● Others

Is Longrich MLM a legitimate or Scam company?

Based on several assessments of Longrich members, we discovered that this company was a legal company.

It was founded in 1986 by Mr. Xu. Zhiwei arrived in Nigeria in 2012. Today it is also available in about 183 countries worldwide.

Considering the solid ground Longrich has built in various countries around the world, we can conclude that Longrich MLM is a legitimate company.

How To Make Money At Longrich MLM

There are major ways people can earn money to become a member of the company.

1. You get a certain discount for each product you sell or use at Longrich.

2. You make money by hiring people to join your bottom lines. This process requires you to hire three people to your bottom line. Those three people will have to hire three more people each and so on.

You’ll earn a certain percentage of everyone on your bottom line. This means from your first level team to your last level team.

As your bottom line grows, you have more opportunities to make money and live out your dreams. So it all boils down to how good network marketing is.

How To Register For Longrich

At Longrich, you don’t actually have to pay any registration fees, because all you have to do is choose a plan and the product you want to sell.

Each of these plans has different rates and unique bonuses. Now let’s perform the following Operation.

● VIP Membership Plan (N750, 000): you will receive a 12% bonus from your lower weekly income, 1680pv (product value) and 1% global sales share.

● Platinum Membership Plan (N320, 000): you will receive a 12% bonus from your weekly income and gain 720PV.

● Gold Membership Plan (N130, 000): you will receive a 10% bonus from your weekly income and earn 240PV

● Silver membership plan (N75, 000): you will earn 8% bonus on your weekly income and earn 60PV

● Quick Rick Rack Pack promotion plan (N39, 000): for every person you refer to Longrich, you’ll earn N8, 000. It mainly depends on the number of people you can contact.

● Q-Silver membership plan (N25, 000 – N40, 000): you will receive an 8% bonus from your weekly income.

● Student Membership Plan (N9.800): for each person you refer to Longrich, you will earn 2,600 NN and you will earn 4PV.

PV (product value) is the product value you will receive for the membership plan you pay. By the way, you have to state that a single PV is equivalent to $ 1.

You can choose any product from the many products included in Longrich’s category.

Now that you have completed any of the above plans, you can visit the official websites to complete your registration https://www.longrichng.com/registration / you must visit.

Therefore, consider joining the Longrich company to generate extra revenue in Nigeria as it is legal today!

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