LPV Forum Review: How To Register on LPV Forum LOADEDPENVIBES

I remember a friend of mine telling me that she was about to register at lpv forum and what came to my mind was why would you register in a forum. It was then she explained to me that it something similar to nnu where you are being paid for reading and comment on articles as well as sharing links and post on your Facebook timeline.


How can you earn on Lpv forum.

To earn on Love you should be a registered member of the forum, 

You earn :


  • #300 immediately after you register as your registration or welcome bonus.
  • #50 for daily login, meaning if you login to your account daily, for a month you would have earned #1500.
  • #100 for sharing sponsored post or link on your Facebook timeline. Do make sure you always sure this link before clicking on the earn button. However if you do not want to spam your Facebook timeline you can ignore this and earn from other ways.
  • #100 for each post you upload to the platform.
  • You instantly earn #1000 when you refer someone to the program.


What Does the term LSP Package Means?


LSP means LPV Sponsorship Program. The program enables LPV FORUM shares her revenue with members. LSP package is a virtual product pack which user purchased in the form on application of becoming a validated members of which members also earns commission from.


With lpv you can earn without referrals.

This is because it is optional because LOADEDPENVIBES ( Lpv ) pay all your earnings with or without referrals. You can request a withdrawal anyday and everyday and the payment is directly made to your bank with a minimum of ₦5,000. All this is with just one time payment of #1500 no upgrading fee again once you need funds before you can complete your registration.


How much can I make with lpv?

Well, it depends on how hardworking and smart you are, I know of people who have made as high as #150000 from the platform. One other thing you should know is that if you dream of making a five figure income from love, you would have to be a referral earner, that is you got to refer people a lot, you can search for such people in your school, department or even church.


The mystery behind how they generate their money?

I know must people just want to get paid, but if you are also interested in knowing how lpv forum gets the money they pay you, read on

Like every other of such platform or forums, Lpv gets the money they pay you from diverse sources. Their revenue generation model is quite simple, with such a huge amount of traffic coming to their website every single day, they are able to generate a bulk of income from ads.

Oh yes, in the blogging industry, you could actually make money whenever anyone clicks on an advert. So let’s imagine the pay the click is $0.5, and out of 100k members 20k click on an advert, that would automatically translate to $10000 everyday, and $10000 in naira is about #4000000 daily.

Ok, let’s leave the ads aspect of generating revenue, they also generate revenue via the sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline, people actually pay to have their brands promoted using that method.

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