Mcforumpay Review: Mcforumpay Income Program Guidelines

The popular Income Program I’m about to study is to some extent not new. It has been touted for about a month. Since the outbreak of the pandemic – Covid-19, working in the part of the world where very little has been digitised is close to zero. This has given many Nigerians reason to complain, as the money in the bank has shrunk with each passing day and there is no hope that an employer will pay at the end of the month. But amid all this hardship and difficult times, dispatch programs like mcforumpay are coming to the rescue, providing Nigerians with an environment in which to earn from their home.

Mcforumpay, like nnu fuorum, is a social news platform where you can read news updates from various categories and labels and still get paid. As a member of any subscription plan, you don’t just read news for nothing, you earn by reading and commenting on the news you read. Isn’t it beautiful?

This one income program is supported by mcforum LIMITED, registered under the Commission on cooperative affairs (CAC), with the mission of educating, empowering and inspiring youth and community development in all aspects of life, with registration number RC 1526865.

The amount you earn from a very small number of Revenue Program brands depends on the plan you subscribe to, but that revenue program chooses to use that trend.
MC forum share currently has four membership plans that you can subscribe to before you start earning. They include

Silver Membership Plan
The registration fee for this membership plan is $5, equal to # 1,750
With this plan you can earn a daily activities bonus of # 350. This means that if you are consistent, you will earn N2450 in a week, because N350 X 7 = 2450
If you direct someone to this income program, you’ll earn an advice bonus of up to 10% of the enrolment fee

Bronze membership plan
The registration fee for this membership plan is $ 10, equivalent to # 3,500
With this plan you will earn a daily activity bonus equivalent to $ 700 per day. So you’ll win # 4900 in a week
When you direct someone to the platform you get a 20% recommendation bonus

Gold Membership Plan
The registration fee for this membership scheme is equal to 1550 N5,250
The daily activities bonus, which is # 1050, is $ 3.
You are also entitled to a 30% recommendation bonus.

Super Membership Plan
Registration Fee: $ 20 (N7000 ))
Daily activity bonus: $ 4.2 ($1470 N)
Recommendation bonus: 40%

This Income Program is a weekly payment, not a monthly payment. Therefore, you will renew your subscription every weekend.

The dollar you see doesn’t match the economic market rate. In the MC forum fee, it is a constant where $ 1 ($1) equals # 350.

How to register to mcforumpay visit their official website at

Click the join MC-Forum income link at the top of the page

Fill out the registration form carefully, be careful not to make mistakes

Select the subscription plan that you want.

Using the coupon code, you pay your registration fee according to your subscription plan.

I don’t really trust any revenue program that’s been legal for a long time. That’s because, a few years after studying the way these platforms work, there’s a huge truth when I say it’s impossible for anyone to last forever. Oh yes, they certainly would have a financial challenge and if managers don’t have a strong urge and skills to pilot the income program in those dear times.

As I’ve said before, this platform is not new, because the corona virus is present even before its beak, so it’s likely to still be paying off, but the possibility of stopping soon is very worrying.

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