Net Worth Of Nina Ivy 2019: Her Lifestyle

Net Worth Of Nina Ivy 2019: Her Lifestyles

Net Worth Of Nina Ivy 2019:

Well, she is not as dumb as people always portrays her. Dumb or not, she is making her cool cash, traveling round the world and cooling at 5 star hotels.

This brings us to the very question,  What is the Net Worth Of Nina Ivy 2019.

Nina Ivy’s Biography

Her full name is Nina Chinonso Onyenobi. She is from a small town in Owerri called Umougowerem, Imo State.

She is the 3rd daughter in her family, and the 4th child in the family.

At a very tender age, she loved fame and had always strived to get it. She participated in different pageantries.

From the time she was just little till she can off age, she had strieved.

Although she loosed in most, but that didn’t deter her from anticipating  in optimizing her success.

Net Worth Of Nina Ivy 2019: Her Lifestyles

Net Worth Of Nina Ivy 2019: Controversies

She sparks controversies in what ever she does or where ever she goes.

1). She Kissed & Had Sex with Miracle just few Days in Big Brother Naija House 2018

When she was in Big Brother Naija House 2018, she proceeded to kissing a cute house mate called Miracle just 3 days after arrival to the Big Brother Naija House.

As if that wasn’t enough, she went ahead to having premarital sex with him in the house.

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That alone raise a lot of controversies and names calling. She was heavily criticized.

Though she acted as though nothing happened when she came out of Big Brother Naija.

2). Dumping Her Boy Friend Collins after The Show

Another Controversies merged again when it was rumored that she dumped her boyfriend, Collins.

That was a big blow to her fans as she looses some of her fans at that period and also got more fans. That was a plus to her..

Collins on the other hand was heart broken but chose not to speak about the situation.

3).  Snatching Some One Else Hubby

After the show, she went on a tour to America, displaying beautiful pictures on her Instagram pages with a dude she tagged her boyfriend.

It wasn’t too long, a lady who claims to be the Girlfriend of the dude blasted her online, calling her a gold digger, hubby snatcher and asking Nina to leave her boyfriend alone.

She made matter worst by enjoying more vacations with the dude and posting more pictures.

4).  Net Worth Of Nina Ivy 2019: Fake Bentley Car

Not quite long ago, she got exposed of trying to gift herself a rented Bentley car prior to get birthday.

She got all things all planned out not until the owner of the Bentley shared their private chats.

In the chat, Nina begged to hire a Bentley so that it would be as if her fans bought it for her. But anyways, she was exposed.

Oops.. Back to the Topic, Net Worth Of Nina Ivy 2019: Her Lifestyles:

Net Worth Of Nina Ivy 2019

The Net Worth Of Nina Ivy Is 25 Million.

Though, at this point, she is worth N25million,  proper accurate Data is still being carried out to know her total Net worth…

Once that is carried out, you shall be updated.

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