NNUFORUM review: How To Register on NNU

When you ever think of making money by reading news, one name comes to mind and that is nnu forum. The brand is what Akin Alabi would call an evoked set. It was one of the very first prominent websites that paid members to read or comment on news.

The way nnu forum works is quite different from other income sites, in fact being one of the initial brands of such programs, the terms used are raw compared to the easy to understand terms of most of the popular ones today, so I would break them down to your understanding. Let’s get started


There is only 2 ways you can make money on the forum, this includes


NARS : here you are being paid for daily logins, reading news as well as posting news. You are being paid #100 for every news you post on the forum, you are also being paid #50 for logging into your account daily.


With just this method, you can earn up to #5000 daily.


NAP : this is the second way you can earn from the nnuforum, this is what is being rebranded in other platforms as referral earning. You are being paid #1000 for each person you refer to the platform, your earnings from this method is unending as you can refer up to 1000 people or even one million people if you can and get paid.


How can I register on nnu forum.


To register at nnu forum, simply visit their official website and fill the sign up form, you will also be required to pay the one time sum of #1400 for your registration. 


There are two payment methods available, it is either you pay via your debit card (also called ATM card) or you purchase a coupon code from a vendor.


Frequently Asked Questions.


How long does my registration fee of #1400 last?

Your registration fee is once forever, there is no renewal fee. So you can register once and earn forever.


When do they pay?

Nnu pays their user on the last day of every month, so if the month ends on the 30th, you can get paid on the 30th.


Do they have any minimum withdrawal policy.

Oh yes, you can only withdraw you money from the platform when you earnings reach a minimum balance of #5000.


Is nnu forum legit.

Of course, it is very legit.


How do they generate the money they pay us?

They generate the money they pay you? Their revenue generation model is quite simple, with such a huge amount of traffic coming to their website every single day, they are able to generate a bulk of income from ads.

Oh yes, in the blogging industry, you could actually make money whenever anyone clicks on an advert. So let’s imagine the pay the click is $0.5, and out of 100k members 20k click on an advert, that would automatically translate to $10000 everyday, and $10000 in naira is about #4000000 daily.

Ok, let’s leave the ads aspect of generating revenue, they also generate revenue via the sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline, people actually pay to have their brands promoted using that method.


So you see it is very possible for them to meet up with their target. Over the months, even in times when the revenue falls short, all they do is probably slash people income and that all.




You do not have to get a job before you could earn good money, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home, you could decide to be hardworking in your place of work and also be hard working online, both is very profitable. Good luck.

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