Oforum Income Program Review: You Need To Read This Before You Join Oforum

Oforum Review: Read This Before You Join Oforum

I hope you haven’t forgotten how the NNU Revenue Program works. Yes, Oforum is a similar platform where you get paid to read the news, share shares and, most importantly, refer to someone.

Only your data, time, registration fee, phone or system are always available for these activities listed above.

Oforum is a platform where you get the latest news from what’s going on around you. They started this income program with the goal of helping the masses earn extra money, especially for students, the middle class and young people who need another source of money to meet their daily needs.

There’s something in the back of your mind about these revenue programs that they do when they’re just launched.

How To Make Money In Oforum

Just like any other revenue program you should have heard of.

Oforum also has two large revenue streams. One of these involves making money from doing some activities on the platform, while the other requires you to direct people to the platform.

The two revenue streams in oforum will be discussed below;

1. Advice program: I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve heard of an advice program. Dispatch programs have been around for a while and will always be around.

This is an important way to easily make money from income programs, including Oforum. Each person you apply to the Oforum platform and successfully sign up for will receive a 71% registration fee. Isn’t it that big?

Even Adsense doesn’t pay publishers and website administrators up to 71%. Now, how much is the registration fee and how much is your share?

The registration fee is 1,400 for anyone who successfully signs up for you, and your share is 1,000,000. You can always direct many people to register online.

2. Doing tasks: so we’ll break those tasks and the reward you’ll get for each;

● News reading: you will receive N5 for every news you read in Oforum. So nothing prevents you from reading as much news as you want. You get informed and you still get paid.

● Share posts: you will receive N20 for each post you share on your Facebook timeline. It’s a win-win because you get rewarded and the more they share, the more visitors they attract to their platforms.

Oforum Pay Threshold

The minimum amount you are allowed to pull is as low as N500. It’s rare but interesting. If you have at least N500 on your dashboard, you can withdraw and pay into your bank account.

How To Register For Oforum

To start using oforum, follow these steps

1. You should make sure you have the N1, 400 registration fee.

2. Contact the trusted agents ‘ contacts on their platforms to continue the registration process.

● Adewale-08114792201 (WhatsApp Only)
● Karo-08117720265 (WhatsApp Only)
● Paul-08131267051 (WhatsApp Only)
● Swift-08164636569 (WhatsApp Only

3. This way www.oforum.ng go to and click Join.
4. You can log in with your Facebook account.

How legal is my offense?

This is a very important question to ask when you find any program online that involves taking your money.

We have learned that oforum is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (2650978). But this is not a guarantee of legitimacy.

We haven’t actually recorded any hoax cases since he arrived, but we noticed it down here.

● We discovered that the method of payment was not reliable enough as they claimed you could pay with Flutterwave, but we couldn’t find anything like it.

● It also requires money to be sent to some people who have little or no knowledge of the other payment option.

Therefore, these are red flags regarding this platform. You have to be careful where you put your money.

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Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts or experiences about Oforum using the comments section below. Thank you, I hope to see you again.

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