Opera News Hub Review: How do I start earning from Opera News Hub

Have you ever heard of Opera news? Yeah, you probably got the mobile app on your mobile phone, have you ever wondered who and who publishes those news and stories you read? Have you ever wondered why the news keeps up coming and never seem to end? If you have then I got the answer for you and it is quite simple. They are placed there by individuals like you and I. There is no ghost author and Opera does not steal news from other blogs.

Opera news pays anyone who is capable of providing the platform with genuine and quality information, that goes down to the title how to make money from Opera news hub.

Let’s get started.


What is Opera news hub.

Opera news hub is a platform that allows individuals to earn money by sharing news updates and informative articles on the Opera news platform. Opera news is known to have millions of users which makes the demand for accurate and timely information very high. Seems Opera news hub serves as the solution.


How do I start earning from Opera news hub.


To earn from Opera news hub all you have to do is visit their website and fill in the necessary information required, in order to receive payment, you may be asked to enter your Opay account number. Do not panic. Opay is a sister startup of Opera news as the prefix O denotes Opera, they got various other companies such as Olist, Oride as Okash. To get your Opay account number, simply download the Opay app from the Google playstore and register.


Now you are all set up, you may be required to wait for about ten hours for your account to be approved by them, after your account is being approved, you can now write and publish articles.


How much does Opera news hub pay.


The opera news hub monetization rule is quite simple,

  • You earn #360 for every 10,000 clicks on any of your articles that gets approved on the platform.
  • You earn #4000 for every 500 engagements on any of your articles that get approved on the platform (engagements consist of likes, comments and shares).
  • They got a lot of rewards which include the best account of the month with a cash prize of $200, most valuable article of the week also with a cash prize of $200 and lastly $20 for the most informative article of the week.


When does Opera news hub pay?


Opera news hub pays their publishers on the 15th to 20th of every month. I used to be a writer and I can testify that they always pay their writers on time.


Who are contract writers 

Contract writers are people who have kept a clean record in the platform and are now retained as certified publishers. They are of different category, for instance if your contract is based on a #80000 category, the month you earn less than #80000, you would still get paid your #80000. This kind of makes sure that the publisher gets a steady income monthly.


A quick blueprint on how to get started


  1. Download the Opay app from the Google playstore.
  2. Visit hub.opera.com
  3. Register your account using your Google account or your Facebook account.
  4. Fill in the necessary details including your Opay account number which is your mobile phone number.
  5. Wait for your account to be approved.
  6. Publish your article.
  7. Get paid on the 25th.


Now I know I have told you all I know about the platform, just in case you have any question, feel free to use the comment section and I promise you, we will put a smile on your face.




It’s a journey we all have to take, hustle. Opera news hub is not a get rich scheme, it is for people who will be devoted and committed to the ideology of the program. If you expect to see great results in forms of clicks which also translates to great revenue at the end of the day, you have to strictly put in your best. Never upload low quality articles to the platform, I know you may be tempted to go to some blogs like legit.ng and copy their post, if you are doing this, you are ending towards a dead end. Their algorithm will surely catch up with you and penalize your account.

I too started like that, I thought I was smarter than artificial intelligence (AI), although I smiled for the first few days, it ended in tears.

So get serious and put in your best.

Good luck.




How much can I earn on the opera news platform?

You can earn anywhere from #0 to #130000 monthly if you put in much effort.

Can my account be banned.

Yes of course, if you constantly contradict their rules and regulations, they will demote your account and afterwards ban it.

Can I create multiple accounts.

Hmm, to the best of my knowledge yes, as long as they talk about two different things, like one account for sports and the other for education.

I can’t write articles, what should I do?

If you can’t write articles, you may want to consider hiring someone to write them for you. However you have to be very careful so that you do not run at loss at the end of the day.

Can I link out to my blog?

Of course, you can put a link back to your blog, however if you don’t do it wisely, your article would be deleted.


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