Racksterly Review: What You Need To Know About Racksterly Income Program

Racksterly was an online investment business where you invested a certain amount in them, then you’d have to share their daily sponsored posts / campaign ads on your Facebook timeline. After 30 days, you will receive approximately 2 times the amount you invested. Looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? Be patient and read the full story of my personal experience with them.

I met Racksterly with a friend who had already made a lot of money from him and still profited from him. I found the job a legal way to make some extra money. At the time, there were various subscriptions, depending on how much he was prepared to invest. The various plans are as follows:;

DEW plan: this is the cheapest of all plans. On the dew plan, you have to pay $ 18 (that equates to about # 6500). After 30 days, you are paid about $ 35 (approximately # 12,500).

DRIZZLE plan: hence the second cheapest plan. In the drizzle plan, you have to pay $ 25 (which equates to about # 9000). After 30 days you are paid about $ 50 (equal to about # 18,000).

Storm plan: you have to pay $ 45 in storm plan (approximately # 16,000). After 30 days you are paid $ 114 (approximately # 41,000).

TYPHOON plan: this is actually the biggest plan. You have to pay $ 75 on the typhoon plan (approximately # 27,000). After 30 days, you are paid $ 168 (approximately # 60,000).

So these were basic subscription plans. Apart from that, you also make money from your directing friends. Referral bonuses are as follows:;

You earn $ 2.5 to direct 1 person.
You earn $ 3 if you direct the same person on the day you subscribe.
If you recommend 3 friends in a month, you’ll earn $ 10.
If you direct 2 people on the same day when your subscription ends, you earn US $ 9.
If you direct 20 people in a month, you’ll earn $ 80.
If you direct 50 people in a month, you make $ 150.
Also, if you Contact 6 friends within 30 days, you will have the next month of subscription free of charge.

Those were the main ways to win at racksterly.

Personally, I didn’t have the power to direct people, so I stuck to the normal sharing of daily sponsored posts. I actually subscribed to the DRIZZLE plan. I was to be paid $ 50 (# 18,000). I constantly shared daily posts without missing a day.

When I shared sponsored posts for 22 days (8 days out of cash), the CEO said on his Facebook page that they had to quit the job due to lack of resources, sponsors (only Jumia and Konga at the time). They then started returning our original capital without adding a penny, so I got back the # 9,000 + I had invested. This news has really upset many members. Indeed, the refund did not reach everyone, so the ‘unfortunate’ ones threatened to sue them, some even planning to consult a local shrine.

In fact, Racksterly Management said it was only temporarily terminated, but so far there was no news that they had reopened.

An important lesson can be learned in all these misfortunes;

Online business, like all other businesses, is a risky thing. Invest only in what you can afford to lose, even if they have already paid you. The online business is designed not to make you rich, but to provide extra cash to back up what you’ve already earned.

First of all, let’s try to do a few research before investing in any online business. I sincerely hope that someone has learned something from this article.

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