Recharge and Get Paid Review: You Need To Know This Before You Join RAGP

Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP) is a registered legal online business where you can spend very little time and capital to earn a significant amount of money if you know what you’re doing.

Have you ever dreamed of making money without spending money?

Yes, so you make money by buying your basic needs. These basic needs include charging your line, subscribing to go TV and buying data. You acknowledge that you pay regularly for these things, but no one pays you.

I would like to remind you that you always subscribe to broadcast, data or TV from your bank account or other outlets. These people generate a certain percentage on each of these products and services that you pay for.

Now imagine that the money earned by these banks and other charging card outlets goes straight into your pocket. Sounds good, right? Yes, you get paid for charging your own line and other people’s lines.

People can get a regular call by you, buy data or subscribe to their TV and still get paid. So if you’re good at promoting yourself, consider it a good job.

Summary Of The Money You Can Earn In Ragp

● Charging or selling 2% of the regular call time to your line
● You receive 20% of your own registration fee after successfully signing up
● Make or buy 10% of the data you sell yourself
● You do N40 to subscribe to your TV.

Wait, it doesn’t end there! There’s a bigger way to make money, even when you’re doing nothing or sleeping. This is through their referral program.

Referral programs are quite different from the popular referral programs we know. Below is a breakdown of how RAGP directing works.

● You earn 20% of the first person you recommend. Person 1. your recommendation level will be
● 1. orientation Level, 2. you get a 10% gain when it refers to another person who will be your referral level.
● 3. you get a 5% gain from the routing level.
● 4. you gain 2.5% from the recommendation level.
● 5. you get a 1.25% gain from the routing level.
● 6. 10 to. you get a 1% gain from the routing level.

That means you’ll have 10 bottom lines where you’ll earn money for every person you mention. By the way, you can apply to as many people as you want. You’ll make money forever.

The interesting thing about this program is that no one is allowed to register without giving their routing ID. So, if you’re smart enough, you should allow people interested in the platform to sign up with your own routing ID.

Charge and get paid enrolment plans

● N100, 000-Executive Platinum Member-10. Level lower ranks – 400PV
● N50, 000-Platinum Member-Lower Ranks-10. Level lower ranks – 200PV
● N40, 000-Diamond Member-9. Level lower ranks – 160PV
● N30, 000-Gold Member-8. Level lower ranks – 120PV
● N20, 000-Silver Member-7. Level lower ranks – 80PV
● N10, 000-Bronze Member-6. Level lower ranks – 40PV
● N5, 000-Basic Member-5. Level lower ranks – 20PV

The higher your plan, the greater your opportunity to make money on the platform. In the meantime, you can always go to the basic plan and deposit money into your account in the long run.

You can always pay for the charge when you have money in your RAGP account.

Keep in mind that PV means points value that can be used to achieve incredible bonuses such as travel to Dubai and a cash prize.

How Do You Sign Up For Ragp?

● Decide your plan
● Obtain a reference ID
● visit
● Enter required details
● Pay for the plan you want.
● Make money from ragp


Recharge and Get Paid is a reliable platform for making money online. This platform is quite different from other revenue programs that will eventually collapse. So you have to keep investing as fast as you can before you dominate.

Be sure to use the social networking button to spread this piece out with close friends who might be interested in this lucrative online business. In the meantime, use the comments section to let us know what you think about charge and pay.

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