TBD Income Program Review : Everything That You Need To Know

This is one of the latest revenue programmes in Nigeria, which launched today on March 18, 2020, implying it is still hot. So, let’s do some research on them just before everything gets cold.

You should first know that TBD means Team Bulldozer, but I don’t know what the name brings because there are prefixes / prefixes of words like news, forum, pay and others in the normal revenue programs we know.

You don’t dispute the fact that the TBD revenue program works in the same way as other revenue programs like Newsplay, Candy News, NNU, Giftalworld, you make money from reading news, sharing broadcasts, commenting and directing people to the platform.

About the TBD Revenue Program

TBD revenue was created with the aim of generating revenue for anyone who wanted to earn extra money from their mobile phone without stress. You had to pay 25,000 N to start the previous version of TBD, but today you can only sign up for N1.500 and make a lot of money in a short period of time.

They have paid more than 3,000 members to date since that program was launched in March 2020. Most people don’t yet know about this income program, so you should register as much as possible before you stop paying its members.

Is the TBD Revenue Program Legal or fraudulent?

The legitimacy of these revenue programs is unpredictable. Yes, no one likes to be conned, especially during this time when the country is already tough. But life is about taking risks, you know?

It has therefore been confirmed that the TBD Revenue Program was legal at the time of writing this article and is currently paying its members. The truth is, we don’t know what could happen tomorrow.

How much money can you make from the TBD Revenue Program?

The amount of money you can earn on this platform actually depends on your level of seriousness, determination and cleverness. The following is a breakdown of the amount of money you can get from the TBD revenue program in Nigeria.

● Introduction: TBD will create 50 event points for logging into its platforms

Sharing sponsored posts: you will earn 200 event points for sponsored posts you share on your social media accounts. The maximum number of sponsored posts you can share in a day is 4.

● Recommendation program: you will earn N1, 000 for anyone you apply to the team bulldozer Income Program.

● Read Article: 5 Activity Points will be awarded for each article you read on the platform.

● Don’t comment: you will earn 5 event points for commenting on publications.

● Article presentation: you will earn 250 event points for unique approved articles published on the platform.

You should note that an activity point is equivalent to a Naira.

In the meantime, you should note that the TBD Income Program payment threshold for activity earnings is N2000, and N3000 for reference earnings.

They also claimed they paid without directing anyone to the platform.

How to register for the TBD Revenue Program

For those considering joining the TBD Revenue Program, you should do so before it’s too late. There’s a guide down there to guide you!

1. buy your e-pin from a verified vendor for N1,500.
2. Visit TBD official website https://income.teambulldozer.com/
3. Enter the necessary information on the website, such as your names, phone number, username, password, epin and others you have received.
4. Accept its terms and conditions by checking the box.
5. Click make payments.

And you’re done ! Run so fast to join the team bulldozer revenue program that you won’t come when you leave. Yeah you know what I mean.

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But remember to use the comments section to let us know what you think of the TBD Revenue Program.

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