The Chat Mogul Registration: How to Sign Up On The Chat Mogul

Have you ever imagined a social media that pays you for using it? This is kind of unimaginable, just imagine Facebook paying you for using the platform.

Well, that is exactly what the chatmogul has being able to do.

The platform pays premium users for their engagement with the medium.

The founders of the platform claim that users can make up to #70000 weekly from the platform. Is this true? Is it scam? This may be the questions you are having and in this article today I would be giving you a couple to detail of how the platforms works.


Firstly, how do they generate the money they pay you?

In order to spot out scams, you have to clearly understand how the platform generate the money they pay members. Money does not fall from heaven. So this is simply how chatmogul generates their revenue. If you visit their website you would see some really attractive ads, oh yes, those are ads served by google. The owner of the website earns some money whenever someone clicks on any of those ads.


How can you earn on chatmogul?

You earn #20 for every comment on any post on the platform, this is so cool as there is no limited as to how many times you can comment and your comment does not need to be approved.


You can also earn #20 for any reaction you make on any post, on Facebook reaction include likes, haha, anger and the rest. To this also there is no limit.


Posting article on the platform automatically earns you #100.


Whenever you login daily, you automatically earn #100, that is if you consistently login daily everyday at the end of the year you would have #3000.


Most only platforms like this has the sponsored post feature, all you have to do here is to share the sponsored post on your Facebook timeline. When you do so you earn #50.


Wow, what else?

Immediately you sign up, you earn a welcome bonus of #700.

They also pay you #1200 for anybody you refer to the platform.



Personally I have some friends that are benefiting from the platform. So I can say the platform is legit for the main time.

Even if you do not refer people you will still get paid, the platform is well know for timely payment of those who apply for withdrawal with no charges applied.

One major benefit of the platform is that the registration fee is just #1800.


Whats the difference between this and nnu?


The major difference between the chatmogul and nnuforum is that nnu is a forum just like nairaland, while chatmogul is a social media like Facebook and the amount of money you can make on chatmogul without referral and even with referrals is quite higher than that of nnuforum.

How you can register.

  • Simple go to
  • Click on the register button.
  • You are then pay then required to pay a one time registration of #1800.
  • You can also pay via coupon codes just like every other platform.


Is thechatmogul legit?


Well, I can say that I have seem some credit alert from some really honest friends, but I can not really predict how long the platform would last.

If you sign up now(as at the time of writing this post), you may at least cash out a couple of times before the platform finally get strained.

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