United Bank for Africa UBA USSD Codes

I was at the United Bank of Africa (UBA) branch yesterday and noticed that despite the lockdown there were a lot of people waiting in the queue to do one bank transaction or the other. Bank officials also took the call to provide a canopy for people to sit outside bank buildings.

I wasn’t surprised that I expected to see older men and women sitting down, but despite my biggest surprise, there were vibrant teenagers in the constant queue, which led me to write this article alone. Knowing that these simple ussd codes can be of great benefit to you, I trade every day of the week and even Sunday is extremely simple.

Even if you use Nokia Torchlight, you don’t need a smart phone. It can actually be used for USSD banking as long as your phone can make a call.

So let’s go to requirements


To perform a banking transaction using the Ussd method, you need the following:

A mobile phone (no smartphone required).
The Sim card with the number in your banking profile must be the Sim card you use to open the account.

Let’s start.

Key in * 919 # to access the banking menu.

To purchase a regular call for yourself: * key in 919#, then key in 1.
To purchase a regular call for someone else: * key in 919 # and then key in 2. You will be asked to enter the phone number, please be sure to double-check the phone number as the bank will not be held liable if you loan it. wrong phone number.
To transfer money to a UBA bank account: key in * 919 # and then 3. You will also be prompted to provide the destination account number. Please do very well to confirm before proceeding, before the transaction is completed, the name of that account number is shown.
To transfer money to a non-UBA bank account: * key in 919 # and then key in 4. The target account number and destination bank are also requested. After you have filled out these details correctly, be sure to confirm them with the full name before pressing send.
To check your account balance: * key in 919 # and key in 6. You will only be asked for ponuz and your account balance will appear on the screen after that.
To purchase mobile data for yourself: * key in 919 # and then key in 8; search to open on the next screen 2.
To purchase mobile data for someone else: * key in 919 # and then key in 8 indicating next. On the new screen that opens, you need to search for 3

These are some basic USSD codes and strings. Although I believe the bank charges you for using the ussd service, I believe me when I say it’s much cheaper than staying at the bank all day, exposing yourself to the risk of the corona virus.

If you have a smartphone and want to do more banking, I recommend downloading the UBA mobile cooking app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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